Our policy at Orient Cement is to maintain International standards in our functioning and processing. Being a world-class cement unit, we not only value our customers and their opinions enormously, but also implement them in detail with certainty.

Standards of our function and process:

  • Our production process is ISO-9001 Certified by DNV, Netherlands.
  • We maintain the standards in our maintenance function by implementing computer oriented maintenance and practicing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) from JIPM, Japan.
  • We maintain higher standards than BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in our quality aspect and products.
  • Environment protection process is ISO-14001 (DNV, Netherlands). The pollution control standards maintained by Orient Cement are well below the norms set by Telangana Pollution Control Board. To maintain these standards and achieving world class processing and production system, we have developed a “4 policy theorem”.

The 4 - Policy Theorem

  1. Quality Policy:

    Quality Policy of Orient Cement Limited aims at achieving total customer satisfaction by production and supply of Clinker/ Cement of consistent Quality to mutually agreed specification and schedule, by effective practice of Quality Management System as per ISO 9001, through continuous development and team work at all levels.

    Quality Objectives

    The following Quality Objectives of the company are fulfilled by implementing the Quality Policy at all stages of Operation.

    • Producing high and consistent Quality Product.
    • Progressive reduction in Customer Complaints.
    • Continued Focus on Customer Service.
    • Progressive improvement in Vendors Quality Rating.
    • Continuous improvement in Productivity with Teamwork.
  2. Environment Policy:

    Environment policy of Orient Cement aims at achieving statutory/ regulatory requirements thereby resulting in reduction of environmental impact on air, water, land, global surroundings including control of waste management and its utilization conserving natural resources.

    This is met by effective practice of environment management system as per ISO-14001 and through continual improvements by dedicated team work at all levels with a commitment to prevention of pollution.

  3. Safety Policy:

    Orient Cement firmly believes that safeguarding its employees’ health is of paramount importance. All practicable measures are being taken to ensure that working conditions and environment are safe and free from risks. Managements at all levels are committed to this and will endeavor to fulfill this objective unreservedly.

  4. TPM Policy:

    The TPM Policy of Orient Cement is designed to achieve total customer-satisfaction and excellence in business through elimination of all losses, maximization of overall plant effectiveness and continuous improvement of product, process and people for enhanced productivity, quality, environment, health, safety, upgrading knowledge, skill and morale of employees and total employee involvement by practice of TPM as a way of life.