Birla A1 PST

Birla.A1 Premium Cement is manufactured with state of the art manufacturing technology to ensure uniform particle size distribution. Concrete made from it attains higher compressive strength and can sustain higher pressure. Birla.A1 Premium Cement, made with P.S.T., gives the cement an edge which is ideal for your 'dream home'.

Birla.A1 Premium Cement benefits

During construction

  • Strong Foundation, Columns & Slabs

  • Economical Construction

  • Superior Plastering

Birla.A1 Premium Cement provides better compressive strength, helping in faster de-shuttering, making it ideal for foundation, columns and slabs.

Better Compressive Strength

1 Day
3 Days
7 Days
BIS Standard
16 Mpa min
22 Mpa min
Birla.A1 Premium Cement
15-20 Mpa
30 ± 2 Mpa
40 ± 2 Mpa
How does it benefit you?
Better initial strength resulting in faster deshuttering

Note: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the national Standards Body of India working under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution and Government of India. It is established by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986 which came into effect on 23 December 1986.

Birla.A1 Premium Cement's optimum setting time results in economical construction by reducing wastage of cement.

Optimum Setting Time

Initial Setting Time
Final Setting Time
BIS Standard
30 minutes minimum
600 minutes maximum
Birla.A1 Premium Cement
130-150 Minutes
190-205 Minutes
How does it benefit you?
Mortar (Cement + Sand + Water) once made can be used for 2-2.5 hours, hence reducing wastage.
Optimum setting time for timely completion of work.

Birla.A1 Premium Cement's optimum fineness provides superior finish to your interiors and exteriors making it ideal for plastering

Optimum Fineness

BIS Standard
300m2/kg minimum
Optimum fineness and high cohesiveness of cement leads to lesser development of micro cracks during construction.
Birla.A1 Premium Cement
350-365 m2/kg
Mortar made of Birla A1 is homogenous, hence plastering work is smooth.

long-term and post construction

  • consistent quality helps build durable homes

  • takes on storm , heavy rains, chemical attacks, etc. effectively

Superior Long-Term Compressive Strength

28 days strength
BIS Standard
33 Mpa minimum
Birla.A1 Premium Cement
55 ±2 Mpa minimum
How does it benefit you?
High ultimate strength creates strong and durable structures

Homes built by Birla.A1 Premium Cement can take on storm, heavy rains, and chemical attacks, etc. effectively

  • Less cracks
  • Lower risk of seepage
  • Lower maintence cost

Optimum Soundness

Le-chatelier Expansion
Auto Clave Expansion
BIS Standard
10mm maximum
0.8% maximum
Birla.A1 Premium Cement
How does it benefit you?
Optimum soundness makes homes made with Birla.A1 Premium Cement weather resistant, keeping them strong and beautiful forever.

PRESSURE TEST comparison

Benefits of Birla.A1 Premium Cement:

Optimum Fineness

Due to the usage of uniform-sized processed fly ash and high-tech state-of-the-art production facilities, Birla.A1 Premium Cement demonstrates optimum fineness. Structures constructed with Birla.A1 Premium Cement has excellent durability characteristics.

Lower Heat of Hydration

Birla.A1 Premium Cement contains C3a leading to low evolution of heat during hydration. This prevents development of cracks during hydration process. Birla.A1 Premium Cement is therefore highly recommended for mass concreting structures such as dams, hydropower stations, heavy machinery foundations etc., apart from roofing, foundations and other regular constructions.

Corrosion Resistant

Concrete made with Birla.A1 Premium Cement is impermeable to chemical and water. Chlorides and other chemicals more effectively barred from having contact with the reinforcement. Concrete made with Birla.A1 Premium Cement becomes corrosion resistant.

Better Workability

Processed spherical shaped fly ash and Uniform Particle Size Distribution obtained through superior quality control process gives increased workability, even at lower water-cement ratio. This results in more strength of concrete and reduces weeding during concreting.

Lower Permeability

Due to reduced Water-Cement ratio, the concrete becomes impermeable and has a better workability. This makes the concrete more resistant to chemical attacks.

Sulphate Resistant

The Ca (OH)2 produced during hydration is highly prone to chemical attacks. Perfectly processed fly ash with reactive silica, reacts with Ca (OH)2 and converts into C-S-H gel. Thus the concrete made with Birla.A1 Premium Cement has better sulphate resistant quality.