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With the overcast skies and rumbling overhead, you know that monsoon is here. In India that experiences ample rainfall during this season, life becomes all about adjusting to the sudden and constant dampness all around. As much as we all love the smell of the first drops on dry, acrid land announcing the onset of the rains, the incessant downpour often wrecks hell with our homes forcing us to pray for it to end. Here’s how you can keep your house fresh and clean during the rains.

Check for leakages
There can never be enough of tiny, imperceptible cracks and crevices all over your home to turn it into an instant aquarium. Check for fissures along the walls, ceiling, leaky pipes and taps that never really stop dripping. And get them sorted before the start of the season. Damp swelling on your paint coated walls giving them a bloated effect is a tell-tale sign of leakage of external pipes.
Keep the drains unclogged and vicinity clean
With rain gushing into the drains from every corner, there are high chances of debris accumulating and clogging the drains. It would be wise to keep an eye out for the drainage system. Make sure you unclog and clean the drains. This not only keeps away foul odour but also prevents insects from breeding and spreading diseases. Sprinkle bleaching agents to keep away rodents and other small animals that may try to seek shelter from the rain.
Change linen at least once every two weeks
We can understand if you crib that there’s no space to dry those huge bed cover and bed sheets but the moisture in the air along with dirt can damage and discolour them permanently. It is wise to have them cleaned periodically during monsoon to avoid the material from getting spoiled or your bed smelling like a damp sty. Dry clean if home cleaning seems cumbersome.
Disinfectants are a must
It’s carnival time for the annoying cockroaches and leeches and bugs that seem to be everywhere you turn during the rains. Apart from risks of sickness and bites these insects breed in nooks and crannies which are plain disgusting. Keep the menace at bay with disinfectants. Thoroughly clean all the corners and check for nests or cobwebs. Keep floors as dry as possible.
Care for your books
If you’re an avid reader with a huge collection you would know the irreparable damage that moisture does to your books. A simple hack would be to stack moisture absorbents and keeping the shelves or almirahs tightly shut. Naphthalene balls are great to keep away both foul odour as well as bugs that feast on your favourite pages. Make sure to air the books once the rain stops.

Bear in mind these simple yet useful tips and keep the monsoon blues far away from your cosy homes!