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A lot of raw materials and hardware go into home construction. Of these, cement is the most indispensable. But most home builders don’t have enough information about cement to ensure that they don’t compromise the quality of their home. If the quality of your home is compromised due to this lack of knowledge or information, you might end up with having cracks in the walls of your home.

In this article we give you information about those unseemly cracks. Cracks usually form on the surface of the structure without splitting the structure. You may think that these cracks only look bad and affect the beauty of your home. But they affect more than just the exterior beauty of your home. If left unchecked, they can cause structural problems to your home. Which is why to make your home durable you must ensure that it is free from cracks.

 Types of cement

Cracks can affect the beauty of your home and also cause structural problems

Let’s find out what causes cracks and how you can prevent them.
Cracks are thick or thin lines appearing on the surface of the structure. They are caused due to drying of moisture from the mortar or concrete leading to shrinkage.

There are other causes of cracks as well.

  • 1. Excess water in the concrete mix
  • 2. Improper compaction
  • 3. Gaps in shuttering or formwork
  • 4. Over usage of sand or
  • 5. Delay in initial curing

What can you do to prevent cracks?

  • 1. Ensure that the right water-cement ratio is used at all times.
 Types of cement

Prevent cracks by ensuring the right water-cement ratio is used at all times

  • 2. Ensure use of good quality aggregates
  • 3. Ensure use of proper finishing techniques and timing during finishing operations
  • 4. Maintain proper curing of concrete.
  • 5. Ensure proper placement and vibration of concrete

For better results always use Birla A1 Premium Cement so that you can protect your dream home from cracks. And watch our 2 minute video on how to avoid cracks so that you can have a Happy Home Building!