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Home building is a task of a lifetime. It requires planning, research, consultation, finding proper channels of finance, paperwork and a truck load of patience. With the kind of system running in our country nothing really works on time and there is always a beeline for every task that you wish to complete and proceed. It takes time and is a taxing journey. You spend a fortune and often these are your hard earned money. But even after shelling huge amounts people remain casual about the most meddled up part of the whole thing- the legalities of the entire ordeal. One missing document or a missed deadline can severely affect your plans of acquiring your dream home.

And this can be deadly. It can put you into a whole lot of nagging trouble. However, there is an easy and simple way to avoid all that. Keep a tab on the following details and you will be spared a lot of headaches.

  • MOTHER DEED: it is the original document relating to your property and a copy of it must be in your possession. There should not be any dispute regarding this very important piece of document.
  • AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PROMOTER AND THE DEVELOPER: developer is the person who gives the land and the promoter is the person who is building the flats.
  • TAX RELATED PAPER: all the tax related papers of the property must be in order and the amount accruing as tax must be paid up to date. It is essential to avoid any ambiguities arising with the authorities later on.
  • PROOF OF MUTATION: this piece of document reflects the ownership of the property.
  • SEARCH REPORT: this report ensures authentication of the property by the authorities.
  • PLAN SANCTION: the layout of the flats of the entire building that has to be approved by the Municipality of the area. The construction of the building cannot commence before the sanctioning of the plan and every flat owner needs to obtain a copy from the promoter.
  • POWER OF ATTORNEY: from land giver to Promoter to start construction and the right to sell the flats on completion.
  • COMPLETION CERTIFICATE: this certificate is issued by the Municipality of the area. It is only issued after the authorities have satisfied themselves that the said property has been built in a proper manner, following guidelines laid down by them and ensuring safety of the building as well as its occupants. This document usually takes time to be issued and is a primary legal certification that the home owners must positively receive from the promoter, failing which the owners have the right to take action against the promoter.
  • FERULE: it indicates how much water each home owner is entitled to from the Municipality.
  • SOIL TEST REPORT: this test is done at the very beginning and the report comments upon the suitability of the land to hold the massive structure to be built on it.

Upon obtaining these documents from the Promoter, the owners can be assured of no further hassles and can help avoid legal troubles later on. Even though this is not a comprehensive list, it definitely is something to bear in mind. Green signal from the Environmental Department and the Fire Brigade is also necessary. A little caution goes a long way for maintaining peace and happiness in life.