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Do you feel trapped in a jungle of concrete and iron and yearn for some fresh green splashes? Is your high rise view dotted with only bridges and buildings? Is city life getting the better of you now? It’s time you MADE the green that you cannot see around you. Nurture your green thumbs and get ready with your shovels and buckets because when we say you can make your own garden even in your pad, we do mean it. Read on.

When you cannot have soil surface for sowing, your only hope remains the pot. Earthen ones come in all shapes and sizes and are durable. Fill it up with soil and watch your blossoms bloom. You can colour them in bright shades which can then be placed in different places in your house, veranda and roof top. Adds to the décor, makes the home greener at a go. Remember to add plastic bowls underneath to catch the muddy run off after you water your plants.
If you don’t fancy pots on the floor, hang them! Pretty hanging pots of daisies or mint shrubs look cute and soothes the eye. Not only does it NOT cram walking space, it also keeps the soil off the floor keeping it clean. Stick little hooks in the balcony ceiling and hang the pots. You can go creative and use old discarded teapots and mixing bowls or colourful boxes too.
The main problem faced by flat dwellers is the lack of space. But a little insight can help you a long way. Insert iron rods with a hoop into the walls along your roof. Though this is only possible during the construction, it is a great way to incorporate small plants and shrubs without compromising with space. As many three or four rows of hoops can be put in to support the plant pots.
If you want to save the daily trips to the bazaar for groceries, grow them fresh! Transform the kitchen window sills into your very own patch. Add crates and pots and you are ready to sow. Tomatoes, chili, bitter gourd, peas, you name it! The daring ones can opt for pumpkins and bottle gourds if they have a little more leg space. The joy of cooking with your own produce remains unparalleled. Amaze your guests and flaunt your kitchen garden with élan.
This solution is for all those of you who are a little lazy but keen on green at the same time. The next time you have a party at home; do not throw away the alcohol bottles. Wash and clean them up. Next, pour water and you can grow almost all kinds of ornamental plants in it by simply acquiring a growing portion of the plant and putting it in the water. Place the bottle in a lighted area of the house and you are set.

As they say if there is a will there is a way! Will yourself into making your life a little greener and a little cleaner.