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Rattan revival!

Rattan or Rotan is the name of a species of ‘climbing palm plant’ native to Southeast Asia. The climbing habit of this plant gives it the associative flexible character to the woody stem. So this stem or the raw Rattan can be cut into sections and manipulated to create beautiful furniture designs.

Rattan has been used throughout history for everything from textiles, rugs to baskets. This material is so durable that it has been used for roofing as well! Wicker is the general term used for a man-made woven material, from any natural material such as grass or even synthetic material that involves the hand-made element into the weaving. Rattan can be used in every room of the house, and the natural colour of the Rattan weave gives a classical mid-century look, when paired right can create a varied number of effects.


Rattan furniture has made a big foray into modern interior design. If you want to make a big impression, an easy way to add wicker is to select a bold furniture piece, an obvious choice for the bedroom would be the bed. Accent the bed with a unique juxtaposition of colours that play off of each other creating a laid back, breezy effect. The natural colour of Rattan is usually a cool toned wooden colour, this works well with neutral colours and whites. Other fun accents include side tables and wardrobe cabinets.

Although the base material for terrazzo will often be concrete, the rest can be up to 80% recycled material. Increasingly, this adds to the versatility of terrazzo, which is key to its success; it can be styled in an understated monochrome or with bright pops of colour in a minimalist or maximalist fashion.


Living room:

When you think of wicker furniture, the first sort will most likely be a sofa type seating in your living. Now with more options than ever before, Rattan furniture has a modern look. The example here is the use of modern Rattan furniture, coloured grey, which is a far departure from the usual stereotypical wood shades. Again, the pastel shades make the furniture the focal point whilst the coordinated black/grey leather sofa ties in the Rattan furniture to transition into the modern vibe of the living room, creating an impactful effect with different patterns and textures lending a cosy feel. This is a great example of Rattan furniture well integrated into a living space without being the focal point.

Living room

Dining room:

Although known for their design flare, Rattan furniture should not be the only furniture in any room in your house. So while keeping the traditional colour of Rattan, combat over doing any room by contrasting the weave style with a different style but within the same colour family. Here the choice for a wood patch table in the same colour family helps keep the room in a unified theme whilst still having a function centric dining table. The accent hanging light helps unify the theme and the accompanying wooden pot for the indoor plant and dining cabinet keep the dining space in line with a motif, without overwhelming the senses, creating a harmonious balance.

Dining room


While on the topic of the dining table, wicker is a perfect accompaniment for accessories like placemats, napkin rings, cup holders and small baskets to hold silverware and other serving accessories. Lighting is another space that Rattan is taking over in modern architectural accents. Any room can be set to carry the theme of the wicker motif, using simple adornments like basket pot covers, cabinet panelling as well as small tables. Choosing an accent piece or two will allow you to bring this material into any space in your home. While clean, simple furniture pairs well with the detail of Rattan, accessorizing will take your homes wicker theme to the next level.


As the boho trend, continues to grow in popularity over the past few years, wicker and rattan are enjoying a comeback in interior design trends. The latest trends in accessories and furniture are anything but the dated old wicker which was bound to just furniture. Add a flare to your space with a fresh take on an old trend.

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Ar. Mrudula Reddy

Master of Landscape Architecture